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Semaki & Bird

Chickadee Earrings - silver Natural History

Chickadee Earrings - silver Natural History

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Sterling Silver Chickadee earrings mounted on our exclusive foldover Natural History cards. Educational information on back of card.
Made in United States


Semaki & Bird

Semaki & Bird was conceived in a “eureka” moment on a cold November day in southeast Alaska. It was 1986 and I was working as a fisheries biologist. Semaki means fish in Swahili and my idea was to start a company which wholesaled fish and bird stationery, jewelry and artisan work. Along with my love for these two wonderful vertebrates, I had a lifelong interest in art and design. It seemed a natural fit. As the company grew, the lines expanded to additional flora and fauna. Ideas still spawn from numerous outdoor experiences. After designing the Track earring and Foot Note lines, it was nearly impossible to hike without looking at the ground for animal signs. Our Natural History jewelry line reflects this love of nature. An educational message about the species is on the back of the jewelry card.



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