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Sage Smudge Spray

Sage Smudge Spray

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Desert Blend Sage Smudge Spray has the distinct aroma of the desert after a warm rain shower. The scent is delicate yet grounding and uplifting. Our smudge spray is a refreshing and safe alternative to burning smudge bundles. Use the smokeless smudge spray to cleanse and clear a space, person or object of negative energy and vibration. It can be used almost anywhere. Mist the air and yourself prior to mediation or yoga for enhanced clarity and focus during your practice. Due to its antibacterial properties, artemisia tridentata can be used as a face toner to help with acne. Artemisia tridentata is respectfully wild harvested, giving blessing and words of gratitude to each plant. Leaves, stems and flowers wild crafted and distilled in a copper column alembic still in small batches. Convenient 2 oz. cobalt glass bottle with mister Pure + Simple Ingredients: Artemisia tridentata hydrosol (distilled from leaves, flowers, stems in water) and essential oil.
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